Rainwater tank and water filtration system installation sydney

We are a local team of plumbers that have gained a reputation in rainwater tank and water filtration system installations in Sydney. We focus on storage, water purity and system efficiency with all our installations.

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We supply and install water filtration systems and efficient rainwater tank systems across Sydney, including Castle Hill, Cherrybrook, Hills District, Hornsby, North Shore, Northern Beaches, and Dural. Our expert team is dedicated to providing you with the best water quality and sustainable water solutions, ensuring your health, comfort, and environmental sustainability.

Slim line 1300L rainwater tank supply and installation in Belrose, NSW

We recently supplied and installed a new rainwater tank and water filtration system for a customer in Belrose, giving them easy access to clean water anytime.

Rain water tank installation dural

“Making the most of a small garden bed below a window, we supplied and installed a slim line 1300L rainwater tank with a hand full of new hose taps in preparation for the dryer months to keep this garden looking healthy.” – Paul R, PR Plumbing and Drainage. 

Project: Belrose, New South Wales.

Tailored fitment for a narrow space

Understanding that no two properties are alike, our team started with a detailed assessment of the area and needs. The goal was to supply a rainwater tank that met daily water usage demands and fit seamlessly into the available space. The solution? A compact, yet highly efficient rainwater tank paired with an advanced water filtration system, customised to the property’s unique requirements.

High efficiency and 1300L water storage

The rainwater tank we chose is known for its durability and ability to fit in tighter spaces without compromising on water storage capacity. This ensures a great output of clean, usable water without losing valuable property space.

Paired with an advanced water filtration system

To ensure the collected rainwater is clean and safe for all household uses, we integrated a reputable water filtration system. This system effectively removes impurities, ensuring the water is pristine and healthy for drinking. Our skilled technicians took charge of the installation, ensuring that the new systems were integrated smoothly with the home’s existing plumbing infrastructure. The process was carried out with minimal disruption, adhering to the highest standards of workmanship. If you aren’t ready to invest, we wrote a blog on clever ways to use stormwater around your home to help you make an informed decision.

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