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Our technicians are licensed, insured, and constantly trained to stay up to date to ensure that every hot water installation adheres to strict Australian standards. 

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Sydney-based PR Plumbing are experts in identifying and rectifying hot heater issues as well as installing new systems across the Hills District, including Windsor and Kellyville.

Government Rebates Are Given For Choosing Gas Or Solar Hot Water Systems

PR Plumbing can help you install a new gas, solar, electric or heat pump water for your property and will guide you through claiming Government rebates. Our service includes delivery and installation, as well as the disconnection of your existing hot water system.

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3 phase electric hot water system for a 4-bedroom house in Church Point, NSW

We recently finished a 3 phase electric hot water system installation in Church Point, NSW. We put in two new three-phase electric water heaters in a house with four bedrooms. This means we got rid of the old system and replaced it with something much better.

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Benefits of upgrading to 3 phase electric hot water

  • They save energy: These heaters use less power, so your electricity bills go down.
  • Always hot water: You won’t run out of hot water, no matter how much you use.
  • They last longer: These new heaters will work well for a really long time without needing fixes.
  • They don’t take up much space: They fit easily in your house because they’re designed to be compact.

What we did

We took out the old heaters and put in the new ones without causing any trouble for the people living there. These new heaters work better and will save them money on electricity.

It's energy efficient

Choosing these new heaters is also good for the environment. They use less energy, which is better for the planet. If you’re thinking about getting a new hot water system or want to save on your bills, give us a call. We’re here to help with easy and quick solutions.

How to tell if your hot water heater needs replacement

Sometimes it can be hard to tell if your hot water system needs replacing or just requires a simple repair. That’s why it’s always good to get a certified professional plumber in to have a look and propose the necessary solutions to get you back up and running.
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gas heater repair dural

Keep an eye out and get in touch if you notice any of the following signs:

  • Your hot water system is older than 8-10 years
  • Your water is discoloured, rusty or odorous
  • You notice weird, rumbling noises from your hot water system
  • There are puddles or leaking coming from your hot water system
  • Your hot water tank is releasing water at varied temperatures
  • There is reduced water flow from your hot water system

Emergency gas hot water heater replacement and repairs

Experiencing an urgent issue with your hot water heater and requiring immediate replacement or repairs? Dedicated to providing emergency services, 24 hours a day our term of certified plumbers are here to help. Whether you are experiencing a gas fitting issue or need help with repairs for your gas heater, our team of highly skilled plumbers can assist your family or business. Highly regarded across Sydney Northern Beaches, we guarantee a high level of customer care everytime.