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We offer plumbing and drainage services in Sydney's North, North-west and surrounds.

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PR Plumbing and Drainage

Your neighbourhood plumber in Sydney

Our team of certified and reliable professionals, with an impressive track record, is your go-to solution for all your plumbing needs in and around Sydney. We’re known for our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and the extensive experience we bring to every job. Rely on us for everything from minor fixes to major installations and experience the best of Sydney plumbing services.

Sydney plumbing solutions

Our range of services encompasses regular maintenance, emergency repairs, drain cleanings, and intricate pipe installations. We’re passionate about providing quick and efficient solutions to keep your plumbing systems in top shape. So whether it’s a leaking tap, a clogged drain, or a full-scale bathroom renovation, our Sydney-based plumbers should be your first port of call for professional, high-quality service.

Sydney drainage services

From unclogging stubborn drains and repairing damaged pipes to executing new drainage plans, we have it all covered. We blend modern techniques with tried and tested methods to handle any drainage issues you may be facing. Our Sydney drainage services are designed to assure you that your property is safe from potential water damage, giving you peace of mind.

Sydney gas fitting services

If you need to install a new gas appliance or repair an existing one, our skilled gas fitters in Sydney are at your service. We comprehend the crucial nature of properly installed and maintained gas systems, both for safety and the smooth running of your household or business. Our services range from gas leak detection and repairs to gas line and appliance installation. We prioritise safety and ensure each job is performed with utmost precision and care.

Sydney gas hot water system services

Our team of dedicated professionals is proficient in installing all kinds of gas hot water systems. We respect the intricate nature of such installations and adhere to stringent safety protocols to guarantee a flawless installation and efficient operation. Our service promises a steady supply of energy-efficient hot water for your home or business.

Sydney gas heater repair services

We realise the significance of a well-functioning gas heater, especially during the chilly months. With our Sydney gas heater repair services, you can rest assured that any issues will be resolved promptly, causing minimal disruption to your everyday life.

Sydney hot water installation services

We provide installation services for various types of hot water systems to meet different needs, preferences, and budgets. Our team follows all safety regulations and standards to ensure a smooth installation process. Expect a perfectly installed hot water system that provides constant, energy-efficient service. Our hot water installation services in Sydney are known for their quality, dependability, and customer satisfaction.

Sydney LPG services

Our comprehensive range of services ensures your LPG systems operate safely and efficiently. Our skilled team performs routine checks, maintenance, repairs, installations, and upgrades, all while adhering to the highest safety standards. Trust our Sydney LPG services to keep your LPG systems in excellent condition.

Sydney excavation services

Our licensed excavation professionals use cutting-edge equipment for precision, efficiency, and safety during all phases of the excavation process. Whether you’re preparing for a construction project or need site clearance, our Sydney excavation services are tailored to meet your unique needs.