LPG Hot water system installation

We are a local team of LPG specialists that have gained a reputation in LPG hot water system installations in Sydney. We focus on system efficiency, safety, and compliance with the latest standards for LPG systems.

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Our approach includes detailed assessments and optimisations of LPG systems, heat transfer and gas flow rates for peak performance and energy efficiency.

Based in Dural, we are experts in identifying and rectifying LPG hot water systems across the Hills District, including Windsor and Kellyville.

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Choosing between natural gas and LPG

Choosing between natural gas and LPG for your home depends on various factors, each having unique benefits.

LPG, a byproduct of natural gas processing and oil refinement, is compact and transportable. When pressurised, it transforms into a liquid, making it easy to store and move in cylinders, offering a great solution for locations without direct access to a natural gas pipeline.

On the other hand, natural gas, directly extracted from the earth, fuels many Australian homes’ hot water systems, heating, and appliances. It’s convenient and efficient, delivered directly to your home through pipelines, eliminating the need for storage and frequent refills.

Both options can meet your household energy needs effectively; the choice depends on your specific circumstances and requirements.

Licensed and insured

If you need help servicing your LPG hot water system, gas cooktop and stove, gas hoses and fittings, or gas heater, PR Plumbing is on hand to assist. Dedicated to providing emergency plumbing services, whether you require repairs for your LPG gas heater or are looking into installing an LPG hot water heater, our team of highly skilled plumbers can assist your family or business. Highly regarded across Sydney Northern Beaches, we guarantee a high level of customer care everytime.

  • 24 hour plumbing services, even in an emergency.
  • Open 7 days a week.
  • All our plumbers are certified, uniformed and licensed.
  • We hold all the necessary insurances to get the job done.
  • Fast response times are always guaranteed.

If you need a plumber near Sydney’s Hills District, get in contact with our customer support team to learn more about the benefits of LPG and how you can make the switch today.