Roof sprinkler and bushfire protection system installation

Expert roof sprinkler system installers in Castle Hill, Cherrybrook, Dural, Hills District, Hornsby, North Shore, Northern Beaches and surrounding suburbs. Protect your home against bushfires with state-of-the-art sprinkler systems. 

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Bushfire protection systems

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Our experts will work with you to plan and quote a sprinkler system that fits your home or new-build design perfectly. We handle everything from the provision of top-quality roof sprinkler systems to their meticulous installation. If your setup requires an additional water tank, we can include that in our service.


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Benefits of roof sprinklers for bushfires and ember attacks

  • Affordable: Customised solutions for residential, commercial, and public buildings.
  • Adaptable designs: Our systems are designed to cater to a variety of Australian homes and conditions.
  • User-friendly: Systems designed for ease of use and minimal maintenance.
  • Remote operation: Control and monitor your system from afar for added convenience.
  • Emergency functionality: Quick activation features for urgent situations.
  • Reliability: Dependable performance from high-quality sprinkler nozzles.
  • Flexible installation: Suitable for both existing homes and new constructions.
  • Cost-efficient water use: Options to connect to rainwater tanks for water conservation.
  • Diverse pump options: Selection of petrol, diesel, or electric pumps, with battery backup for reliability.
  • Efficient water usage: Optimised to provide maximum protection with minimal water.
  • Wind-resistant features: Sprinkler heads designed to perform even in windy conditions.
  • Automated activation: Temperature-sensitive controls for automatic operation.