Clever ways to use stormwater around your home

In urban areas across Australia, approximately 3,000 gigalitres of stormwater are generated annually, presenting both a challenge and an opportunity for homeowners. With the right strategies, this abundant resource can be transformed from a potential hazard into a valuable asset for your household and the environment. PR Plumbing and Drainage offers expert solutions in North Sydney to help you harness and optimise stormwater usage around your home.

Stormwater management

In urban settings, unlike their rural counterparts where 80% of rainwater evaporates, stormwater often becomes runoff. This runoff can overwhelm natural waterways, carrying pollutants and debris into our rivers and oceans. As cities grow, the stress on our water systems increases, making effective stormwater management crucial. Local governments are taking steps, but homeowners too can play a significant role.

Transforming stormwater in your backyard

PR Plumbing and Drainage in Dural advocates for the use of innovative systems like rain gardens and rainwater tanks to manage stormwater effectively. These systems not only prevent pollutants from reaching natural waterways but also repurpose the water for household and gardening use, contributing to environmental conservation and utility savings.

Rain water tank installation dural

Rain Gardens: An Eco-Friendly Solution

A rain garden is a sustainable fixture that enhances your home’s exterior while serving an ecological purpose. It is designed to absorb rain runoff from impermeable surfaces like roofs and driveways, filtering it through layers of soil and vegetation. This filtration process traps pollutants and leverages the natural properties of plants and microbial action in the soil to clean the water.

Drainage Concord

Designing a rain garden

  • Visual Appeal: Incorporate native plants that beautify your property and thrive in local conditions.
  • Functionality: Design your garden to handle the typical rainfall for Sydney, ensuring excess water can bypass the garden during heavy storms to prevent flooding.

Rainwater tanks: A sustainable water saving solution

Installing a rainwater tank is a practical approach to stormwater management. Located in Dural, PR Plumbing and Drainage can help you select and install tanks that are perfect for Sydney homes, using stored water for:

  • Flushing toilets,
  • Washing clothes,
  • Cleaning cars,
  • Watering gardens.

This reduces your reliance on mains water and helps conserve one of our most precious resources.


What are the benefits of managing stormwater at home?

Managing stormwater helps prevent flooding, reduces water pollution, conserves water, and can lower water bills.

How does a rain garden work?

A rain garden uses soil and plants to filter rainwater runoff, reducing pollution and recharging local groundwater.

Can rainwater collected in tanks be used for all household needs?

Rainwater can be used for non-potable purposes like toilet flushing, washing clothes, and watering gardens, which significantly reduces mains water usage.

What should I consider before installing a rain garden or rainwater tank?

Consider the typical rainfall in your area, the size of your property, and local regulations. PR Plumbing and Drainage can provide a consultation to determine the best solutions for your needs.

How much does it cost to install these systems?

Costs vary depending on the system size and complexity. PR Plumbing and Drainage offers competitive pricing and detailed quotes.

How long does installation take?

Installation times can vary, but PR Plumbing and Drainage works efficiently to ensure minimal disruption to your routine.